how we made DIY shipping CRates for paintings

Two of my paintings are shipping out to Honolulu (Hawaii) (I wish I could just ship myself alongside them..)

So yesterday we spent a day building wooden crates!

After some time spent assembling, gluing and screwing, two handsome crates emerged - voila!

As a finishing touch, I glued on an image of one of my artwork to the crate. It is an inexpensive, quick and easy way to customise your crate and it looks really nice. First I printed the image on A4 paper using home printer, cropped it to circle shape with scissors, using a plate as a template. Then I glued it to the crate with thick acrylic binder and brushed on a layer on top to seal it. (Acrylic binder works as both glue and a glaze layer for paper. ~I use Atlantis acrylic binder, it is thick and dries quickly to a transparent, glossy film.)

Last but not least: we wrote 'unscrew here to open' on the lid and 'this way up' using acrylic pen (I used a thick black POSCA pen, it worked a treat)


A couple of thoughts which I hope might be useful:

  • Many DIY stores will cut up large sheets of plywood to desired sizes free of charge.
  • After trying different board types and thicknesses, we found that 12 mm plywood works best for us, regardless of the size.
  • It is always nice for the collector to receive, alongside the painting, a certificate of authenticity signed by the author, with such details as the title, year created, dimensions and medium. I created my own certificate template to suit my visual style, but you can find free templates online. I also attach a hand-written thank you note.
  • I cover front of the painting with acid-free tissue paper, then generously wrap it in bubble wrap and use more bubble wrap or foam board to pad edges, so the painting does not move within the crate during transport. Tight is good. Some people use pipe insulation noodles (cut open and wedged onto the edges of canvas) to protect the sides.

New website live - YES!

We are live -  ace bananas. Off to have a cup of tea now, and hope to see you around here soon lovely people!